Chef FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

- COVID-19 We recommend that all event goers get tested within two weeks of the event. We ask that all attendees take their temperatures prior to engaging with the Chef and recommend you ask your Host to do the same

What is Savor The Passion?

We are a team working to connect Passionate Chefs with clients that want to have their in-home dinner parties catered for.

What do I need in order to work with you?

Passion is our first requirement. You'll need reliable transportation of course. You also need to have a food handling certification (ServSafe is preferred). You will also need to have a current background check done as well.You also need to be insured, (We'll recommend an insurance company just below). Oh, you'll need some knives and your favorite pans too!

Why should I join you?

You get a team dedicated to marketing you and your services to the right people for you to ensure you and your clients have the best possible experience; as well as a team working to ensure your safety. We come from the industry and are genuinely looking out for you; which means, if you have an idea you'd like implemented we will begine figuring out what it will take to make it happen and get to work. Don't forget your crispy new embroidered Chef coat!

Is there an insurance company that you recommend Chefs to use?

As matter of fact yes! Of course you can talk to your current insurance, but we also invite you to look into this company as they already provide appropriate coverage, they cover all 50 states and works entirely on-line.​

Will I get my money back for insurance?

Absolutely! You just need to reach $10k in sales each year; that will also come with a spiffy new Chef's coat and a featured spot on the website.

Will I meet other Chefs?

Of Course! As we continue to grow we will also be hosting networking opportunities including cooking competitions, Chef parties and we're always open to suggestions to celebrate Chefs and all we do!

Sounds Great! How do I sign up?

Easy! Just Click here and fill out the short signup form and we'll get ahold of you! Stay Passionate!​

How do I share this opportunity with my friends?

Oh, you know we made that easy too! Send them THIS LINK , let us know we're expecting them (you'll be glad you did).

What's my cut?

72% of the profit off your event / delivery.

Is there referral program for us?

Of course! If you refer a Chef to us that passes our screening process we will give you 1 week of featured presence on our page to direct more clients to your profile.​ We get to help more Chefs, you get to make more money win-win.