This is our story

Back in 2017, we asked ourselves a simple question that would later become our mission: Why is it so difficult for Chefs to take control of their lives. Not just control of their money, but control of their free time for themselves and their loved ones, control of the ability to express their creativity through food with people that genuinely appreciate it.?

With so much technology in the palms of our hands its crazy that we still have to waste hours researching, calling and comparing restaurants whenever we want to celebrate our best times. Today, thousands of hosts and Chefs alike, turn to Savor The Passion to make supporting their local culinary ecosystem faster and easier than ever before!

Chef Keven Broussard

Works when he wants, sets his own rates and gets hired at least six times a month on Savor The Passion.

But you want to know what keeps us driving so hard?
Helping Chefs. Mothers. Husbands. Daughters. Masters of their trade that have dreams of a better life using their craft to not only bring joy to their guests as they have for years, but to finally get to spend time with their loved ones instead of watching their lives pass them by through their phone screens while they do their best to provide for their loved ones.
Professionals. Homeowners. Busy Moms. Foodies. People with things to do, people to see, goals to crush and plans to celebrate with those close to them.

Chef Damon W.

Father. Former Navy Sailor, mentor to hundreds of aspiring Chefs. Inspiring healthy habits both mentally and physically.

We’re not just a marketing company at Savor The Passion. We are a company built by a Chef that has risked his past, present & future to give Chefs everywhere a chance to make the world a better place using their passion for food.
Savor The Passion is all about the skill, drive & passion it takes to not only fuel the body, but the soul as well. This is not a place to be concerned with what people look like, who you love or even what you believe in. We care about your values and what you bring to our family; we hope that’s evident in everything that we do.

Chef Tracey D'Avanzo

Mother and former Airforce Service member raised in Queens, NY. Loves to spend her time learning new techniques and testing them out on her loved ones with rave reviews.